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Comprehensive clarification before acceptance of the mandate

The client will always be fully informed about the fee and charges for the consultation during the initial consultation. The agreed fees are set out in writing in a fee agreement and are therefore transparent from the outset.

Should changes occur during the course of the mandate, e.g. due to unforeseeable additional expenses or legal proceedings, we will also inform the client immediately.

What does the consultation cost?

An initial consultation costs 190€ plus expenses and VAT. The initial consultation includes the clarification of the facts of the case as well as an initial legal assessment including concrete recommendations for action. If, in addition, written advice or a legal opinion is to be given, further costs may arise after prior notification.

Extrajudicial advice

Within the framework of out-of-court advice, we will agree with you on an hourly rate. The hourly rate is 220€ plus VAT per hour. The billing is to the minute. You will receive an invoice at the end of each month. In the case of hourly billing, we will discuss the approximate time frame with our clients. If it becomes apparent that this is not sufficient, we will inform the client before taking further steps.

It is possible to agree on a lump sum for the pre-trial activities. This is useful, for example, for trademark applications or file-sharing warnings. Here we have fixed prices, which you can find in the respective category.

Legal proceedings:

In court proceedings, the lawyer's fee results from the Lawyers' Fees Act. The fees depend on the respective amount in dispute. In this case, you will receive a detailed calculation of the lawyer's fees that are likely to be incurred and any court costs when you are mandated or before legal action is taken.

The fees of the RVG may not be undercut by us.

Legal expenses insurance:

We also invoice the legal expenses insurance company. Please note, however, that the client is always our client and the legal protection insurance only reimburses the costs in whole or in part. Often there is also a deductible, which the client always has to bear himself.

We will be happy to take care of the correspondence with the legal expenses insurance (e.g. obtaining a confirmation of cover), but we reserve the right to charge for the time spent on this. As a client, you can, therefore, save money if you handle the correspondence yourself.

Reimbursement of costs by the other party

In most court proceedings, the rule is that whoever loses also pays the costs of the opposing lawyer. This means that the client first pays our fee and after the conclusion of the legal proceedings the client can demand reimbursement of the fee. Please note, however, that the claim for reimbursement is limited to the amount of the legal fees. If you have agreed to a higher fee with us, you will bear the difference.

I will gladly enforce your refund claims for you.

Success agreement

The German Lawyers' Fees Act also allows the agreement of a contingency fee within narrow limits. The prerequisite for this is that the client is prevented from pursuing his rights due to his financial circumstances (i.e. he cannot pay). In the event of a defeat in court, the attorney will then receive no or only a lower legal fee (no win, less fee or no win, no fee), but in the event of a victory, the legal fee will be increased accordingly.

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